Your website here (November 2022)

Local residents approached me to design a website to support an electoral campaign for membership of parliament.

[Currently managing & under construction] (July 2023)

Built for a small enterprise tailoring financial services to members of parliament.

[Currently managing] (May 2021)

Complete design of the internet presence for the Taiwan Policy Centre as its Director of Communications. The site has the capacity for e-commerce and campaign hosting.

[Currently managing] (Jan 2021)

Complete redesign of an existing site and transfer to the new domain.

“Not only have you you redesigned it, you’ve refreshed it how I wanted. Crisp, professional” – James Stride, CEO PJS Solutions

[Run by Owner] (July 2020)

Made for a local flood action group over a three week period. Some source material from their old site but mostly a completely new build.

“The site is spot on and a credit. Simple logical informative and easy 11/10” – Owner of

[Currently managing] (Oct 2020)

A small micro-brewery start-up, a joint Taiwan-Czech venture asked for a simple one page site to introduce the product and company to the global audience.

[Site now closed] (2018)

This site was built to be responsive to replace the previous site that was not. Taiwanese laws prohibit medical devices being sold by e-commerce or advertised online without government approval. Word Press base.

[Currently managing – under reconstruction] (Feb 2020)

Fan site for my Mother whose extensive writing over decades, including several books and hundreds of poems, long deserved a proper home.

[Currently managing]