Film & Video

Dental Symposium – (February 2023) – A company hosted a full-day symposium for dentists. Afterwards we produced this video for the presenting dentist and to showcase our promotional activities.

Running time: 01:40

Calaject / Clinic Promotion Video – (July 2023) – Made for Dr. Xu in Taiwan, it showcases the Calaject as a service as well as his clinic.

Calaject: The Dentists Friend – (September 2023) – a compilation of the over ten dental clients we made Calaject adverts for.

Hsiao Ya-tan – (January 2016) – Legislative Yuan, Taipei District 4, Candidate No.7 – Hsiao Ya-tan (蕭亞譚) of the Taiwan Solidarity Union (台灣團結聯盟) answers The 5 Questions. (2016年立法委員選舉 台北市第四選舉區內湖南港. 9位候選人. 我對他們提出五個問題.)

Lin Hsiao-chih – (January 2016) – Taipei District 4 Candidate No.8 – Lin Hsiao-chih (林少馳) of the New Power Party (時代力量) answers The 5 Questions prior to the 2016 Legislative Yuan elections. (2016年立法委員選舉 台北市第四選舉區內湖南港. 9位候選人.我對他們提出五個問題.)

Stumped – (March 2009) – A documentary co-made with David Reid as part of a Masters degree in Taiwan Studies at National Chengchi University, Taiwan. It explores the issue of indigenous rights to natural resources within the traditional lands of indigenous peoples in Taiwan.

Running time: 33:12

APGN Trailer – (October 2010) – Made for the 2nd Congress of the Asia Pacific Greens Network, this time hosted by the Green Party and affiliated environmental groups in Taiwan. This is a lower quality version uploaded by the Green Party.