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The knack of flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss.

Author of “Tree”

A huge Tree stands in a Meadow in a gigantic Field. The tree is the centre of life for all the animals who live in and around it. Every season they hope for a good Harvest from the Tree. After a period of bad weather, the harvest starts to diminish and all the animals in the Meadow and the Tree find themselves in a race against time and hunger to find a solution. Along the way they learn about what it takes to get what you need, and how far some will go to defend their way of life.

Published by thepencilapp.com 2021

ISBN: 9789354586644

Available at: Google Play, Apple Books, The Pencil App (Publishers), Barnes & Nobel, and Amazon.

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Flying the DA-40 with Apex Flight Academy out of Taidong, Taiwan.

Skill Sets

Moments & Milestones

Interviewed former Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) in prison as part of research towards my Masters Degree dissertation.


  • PLO Executive Committee Member – Dr. Hanan Ashrawi
  • Member of Knesset – Haneen Zoabi
  • Member of Knesset – Neveen Abu Rahmoun

First foreigner to gain a PPL Student Pilot’s Licence in Taiwan. Learned to fly (VFR) with Apex Flight Academy in Taiwan. Flew six times out of Taidong, including around Green Island. Discovered that although exciting at times, I didn’t find commercial flying all that enjoyable, so I removed myself from the course to seek recreational flying opportunities. Flew Savannah S ultra-light aircraft in central Taiwan with Pacific Asia Aviation, completing pattern work, T/Os, and landings.

Ran and hosted online radio show (3 times per week) for one and half years years. My show was called Radio Free Formosa and featured music, commentary, interviews, and live performances.

Performed at Taiwan’s Spring Scream Festival (didgeridoo / vocals). Performed at TEWS in Swindon (2000) with my band, The Experiment of Words & Sound (authored lyrics / lead vocals). Member of my village’s brass band for three years. Performed at events around the country. Also briefly studied guitar and piano.

Sound recording artist and sync editor for an uncompleted and unreleased film project called ‘Made In Taiwan’. Co-wrote and starred in short film titled ‘Addict’.  Also co-produced three short youtube guides to Taiwan titled ‘Taiwan Dayz’

Visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, and later the Studio Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. Cruise boat trip to Ishigaki and Okinawa. Trip to Kyushu included visit to Unsen Hells and taking three special trains from Kirishima to Kumamoto. Also visited Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, Kyoto, Nara, Bikan Historical Quarter in Kurashiki, and Enoshima Island. 

Rode with partner on my Yamaha 125cc scooter around the entire southern half of the Taiwanese mainland in August 2009. Completed last leg of journey from Tainan to Taichung through Typhoon Morakot, unknowingly riding just ahead of devastating floods advancing across our route only an hour behind us.

Organised, booked, and guided a tour of the UK for a Taiwanese family including visits to Warwick Castle, a pre-season friendly between Aston Villa and Inter Milan, and London sights such as the Eye and Buckingham Palace.

Participation and observation at a number of rallies, parades, protests. A full paid member of a political party since 2017. Have voted by proxy whilst living outside the UK.

Ran ‘Dragonfly Jamboree’ acoustic free jam sessions in Taichung for two years. Later founded and ran djtaiwan.org music and arts web portal whilst also organising and running a number of live and DJ music events.

Hired and commandeered a long barge on a 4D/3N return trip on the Shropshire Union Canal Llangollen Branch, from Welsh Frankton to Llangollen and back.

Competed in a number of cross-country horse riding competitions as a teenager, won some rosettes.

Scored a hat trick for my village’s football team in the FA Cup (ok technically it was but at a super super early lowest level division stage).

Ran a Fantasy-Football League for my classmates at De Montfort University for one season.

Performed in High School play “Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs”. In a huge plot twist which foreshadowed reality, I played ‘Grumpy’.


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